About Us

    ...All people of Anambra State by birth, marriage, naturalization, and people who are descendants of same and residing in Ontario are eligible to become members of the Association.

    Mission and Objectives of the Association

    UAAC is organized exclusively as a non-profit body for social, charitable, educational purposes:

      To promote and strengthen the cords of unity amongst Anambra State indigenes in Ontario, and to promote history, culture, language, and traditions of Anambra people in particular and all Igbo speaking peoples in general;
      To encourage the socio-economic, cultural, and educational development of members;
      To sponsor literary, musical, and educational and cultural events, festivals, pageants, youth events and conventions for the promotion of people of Anambra and Igbo descent;
      To strive towards the establishment and maintenance of a centre for cultural activities for Canadians of Anambra and Igbo descent in the Province of Ontario;
      To partner with and coordinate activities with other non-profit groups when necessary to meet the stated objectives;
      And such other complimentary purposes not inconsistent with the above stated mission and objectives.